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 History of Hutchings' HoneyBees

 As the story goes...... 

   My name is Debbie Hutchings,  My  father was Don Hutchings, My Grandfather was Borden Hutchings, My Great Grandfather was Herbert Hutchings and his father was my Great Great Grandfather Elijah Hutchings. My Grandpa Borden told me that when our family came to Canada in and around the middle 1800's that they brought the honeybees with them from England. I can't say that within the last 100 or so years the Hutchings bee hasn't interbred with other breeds of honeybees, but we have not intentionally cross bred them. I still put my best breeder hives, in the basement of the old homestead when winter comes a knocking, just like my Grandfathers did.  They are gentle, little dark bees that winter in small clusters, that explode when the spring comes. If you don't keep ahead of them they will swarm, they are very prolific producers capable of blessing me with lots of liquid Gold! My knowledge was passed down to me from the stories and experiences of my Grandpa Borden. Sometimes I can still hear him when I'm working in my bee yard, my memories of his instructions, still serve me well.  We don't treat the bees with any medications or chemicals and try to stay true to family traditions where they are concerned.  Other bee keepers think I'm in a time warp, but my motto is if  it ain't  broke, don't fix it. The grass sometimes is not greener on the other side of the fence, but I'm not against someone else's input either ....... "if it makes sense."    

From one bee keeper to another..... All the best!


                                                                                  Some family History!

        Obituary  of  Elijah Hutchings (b. June 07, 1823, d. March 14, 1923)

Elijah Hutchings (son of Robert Hutchings) was born June 07, 1823 in Somersetshire, England, and died March 14, 1923 in Newboro, Ontario Canada. He married Harriet Gifford on 1846 in Taunten, Somersetshire England, daughter of Thomas Gifford and Eunice Allen.

March 14th 1923

Hewed Out Home From Wilderness of North Crosby.


Father of Men Well Known in Business Life of the Northwest.

Elijah Hutchings, who died at the old home in the Township North Crosby on Wednesday, March 14, was born in Somersetshire, England , June 7, 1823, and had he lived June 7 1923, would have reached the age of one hundred years. At death his age was 99 years, nine months and seven days. Mr. Hutchings came to Canada in the year 1848 when Brockville was without railroad communication. From Kingston he went up the Rideau Canal to the present site of Bedford Mills and there commenced a life which meant hardship and privation. After some years he commenced to build on the farm where he spent all the remainder of his life

At the time of his arrival in Canada Mr. Hutchings was married and had two children. Afterwards eleven more were born to Mr. and Mrs. Hutchings, making a family of 13, of whom eight are still living Eli, of Ottawa, in his 78th year, the eldest of son of the family; Elisha Hutchings, president of the Great West Saddlery Company limited, Winnipeg; Robert J. Hutchings, vice-present of the Great West Saddlery Company, Limited, Calgary; Arthur Hutchings, Winnipeg; and Herbert Hutchings, on the old homestead in North Crosby; Mrs. Harriet Poole, Vancouver; Mrs. Annie Thompson and Mrs. Emma. Hanna, of Edmonton. Mr. Hutchings was predeceased by his wife and five members of their family.

The late Mr. Hutchings was a man of fine physical appearance and was a powerful man, capable in his youth of strength, beyond the ordinary individual and that strength he threw into the work of a nation builder when Canada was scarcely known and North Leeds was a wilderness. With less than two acres of a clearance he chopped and cleaned up what is. now one of the best farms in North Crosby and there raised and educated a family the members of which have made a splendid mark for themselves in business. He was a man of very strong convictions and was fearless in his defense of truth and liberty. In politics be was all his years a staunch Conservative. He possessed a pronounced religious faith with love of God in Christ as his only creed and he was ready when the call came and passed to his eternal home.

The funeral took place from the old home on Friday, March 16. and was conducted by Rev. W. G. Bradford of Ashton, a personal friend for four years of the late Mr. Hutchings, and was assisted by Rev. G. Mossop, of Newboro. The bearers were Elijah, Earl and, Borden Hutchings, grandsons; F. L. Hutchings, grandnephew; Asa Pattemore and Lawrence Chant. The floral tributes were many and very, beautiful.

The remains were placed in the vault at Newboro and will in the spring be interred in the family cemetery west of the village of Newboro.

Burial: March 16, 1923, Hutchings Cemetery, Newboro, Ontario

More About Elijah Hutchings and Harriet Gifford:
Marriage: 1846, Taunten, Somersetshire England.

Children of Elijah Hutchings and Harriet Gifford are:
  1. Malena Hutchings, b. Abt. June 17, 1847, Somersetshire, England, d. January 02, 1875.
  2. +Eunice Hutchings, b. January 17, 1849, d. February 16, 1914.
  3. +Alfred Wilf Hutchings, b. March 15, 1851, d. May 17, 1905, Edmonton, Alberta Canada.
  4. +Thomas Gifford Hutchings, b. April 25, 1852, d. April 1916.
  5. Harriet Hutchings, b. May 22, 1853, d. October 1929, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.
  6. +Elisha Frederick Hutchings, b. June 13, 1855, Newboro, Ontario Canada, d. April 14, 1929, Newboro, Ontario Canada.
  7. Arthur Hutchings, b. March 27, 1857, Ontario, Canada, d. February 24, 1933, Newboro, Ontario Canada.
  8. +Eliza Anne Hutchings, b. June 15, 1860, d. March 22, 1935.
  9. Isabella Hutchings, b. February 05, 1861, d. January 19, 1870.
  10. +Emma Hutchings, b. March 28, 1864, d. March 06, 1955, Edmonton, Alberta Canada.
  11. +Robert John Hutchings, b. November 13, 1866, d. February 12, 1937.
  12. +Herbert Hutchings, b. June 21, 1868, d. April 19, 1944, Newboro, Ontario Canada.
  13. Eli Hutchings, b. 1846, Somersetshire, England, d. date unknown.

 My Great Grandfather, Herbert Hutchings, in his Bee yard!