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                                                      " Attention" 

                            As of 2017.... I will not be selling nucs  or packages.

 Because of the  high demand, I found  I was being pushed to be a queen supplier and not able to be the queen breeder I strive to be. I will now be able to put all my time and efforts into raising the best quality queens possible. I'm passing the reins over to and supplying Graeme Peterson with full blood Hutchings queens which he will then resell in the form of nucs, packages or as queens.

                   Contact Greame at or call 1(613)240-0317

I thank all who bought nucs and packages from me in the past...... And I know that Greame will do right by you.

(Debbee's Bees will still supply nucs for the 2016 customers, who didn't get their nucs because of the theft of my bees.)

                                     "I will still be selling Hutchings queens"

                                                                                              Hutchings Queen Bees for sale!                                             

                                                          Marked and mated.......  $40.00 each                       






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