Debbee's Bees

          Cake Trays and Blanket Boxes
         $15 plus tax and shipping are available
         Contact me to order yours today!

          "Hutchings Queens still                                Nucs Sold Out for 2016  

         available for 2016 season"                          Nucs Sold Out for 2017

                    Hutchings Queen Bees for sale!                                              4 Frame NUCs for sale

        Marked and mated.......  $40.00 each                        1 frame of honey..1 frame of uncapped larva 

        Will ship anywhere in Canada!                             1 Frame of capped brood..1 frame with laying Queen

                                                                                             & about 3 lb s. of bees!!            $210.00 each 




      "Home of The Hutchings Honeybee"

Since 1848

"A True Canadian Bee"

"a land flowing with milk & honey" Exodus 3:8


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