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 "Bee is The Buzz Word"......

                                                                                                         "Home of The Hutchings Honeybee" 

                  Exodus 3:8

"a land flowing with milk & honey"

                                            Attention Customers!

    Nucs and Packages are 
Taking orders now for spring 2016!

                    Hutchings Queen Bees for sale!                                                               4 Frame NUCs for sale

        Marked and mated.......  $40.00 each                                    1 frame of honey                        1 frame of uncapped larva 

        Will ship anywhere in Canada!                                                 1 Frame of capped brood         1 frame with laying Queen

        Contact us: for quantity, price breaks.........                             & about 3 lb s. of bees!!            $210.00 each

                                                                                                  Package Bees.                                             
                                                                   About 3lbs. of bees with marked, caged queen.                          
                                                                                                   $185.00 each.                                                        

                                                    Contact us now to reserve yours today! ..... Numbers are limited! 

         Timeline of Delivery of nucs, packages & Queens will be around "June 10th"  or after.





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